Swedish Lady Bakes

Gingerbread biscuits



The sliced ​​gingerbread biscuits has a nice taste of ginger, cinnamon and carnations that feels Christmas.

Fits well with, for example, the cheese tray with green mold or hot chocolate or a good cup of coffee.

A little more than a plain gingerbread! Our gingerbread cake was specially selected in 2015 for the

prestigious Christmastable of Swedish Livsmedelsföretagarna.


Number of cookies:

Number of biscuits:

170 grams / bag (14-17 pcs.)

500 grams / bag

1000 grams / bag


Best before:

10 weeks



in the package, dry at room temperature

can be frozen


Art no:

14 pcs SPP10-101 (bag)

30 pcs SPP30-102 (bag)

50 pcs SPP50-103 (bag)


This gingerbread biscuit is delivered

in October, November and December.

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