Swedish traditional butterbaked biscuits



My Grandma, Aunt Edith, grew up in the small village Värsås at the Västergötland countryside. With flour from the plain fields and with real butter, she baked the most delicious biscuits in her home. With the juice from the garden currant, checkered tablecloth and a sumptuous cake dish we were treated to the party. Eventually grandma moved from the plain, but took with her the knowledge how to bake. Which she has passed on to her children and grandchildren.


With the help of collegues we bake like  Granny did. True craftsmanship - with the same recipe as before. I want you to taste a biscuit  that taste like my grandmother taught me that they should taste . Enjoy the biscuit together with coffee, tea, juice , a good book , a good company or just how you want !

All the best, Rebecca , founder of Swedish Lady Bakes AB



We do not compromise. Every biscuit is baked by hand, rolled and cut by our skilled bakers. We only use real butter and without any additives. We wil offer you the real genuine taste of real swedish bisquits. Enjoy!



We are constantely looking how to best combine traditional taste with new flavours. We only use the real stuff and no additives. That is extremely important for us. No thing is such a thing as the real thing - as we say in Sweden.

Our lastest star on the "Swedish Lady Bakes"-sky is the  Chokladsnitt.

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